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Landowner Vouchers/Tags

Hunters are all too familiar with how hard it is to draw a quality big game mule deer, elk, antelope or Bull Moose permit in the lottery draw systems in many western states. The application and selection process can be complex, but there are different types of landowner vouchers that bypass this draw process entirely. A landowner voucher/tag you purchase or receive from a landowner is obtained as follows. The landowner provides a landowner paper voucher or authorization number to the hunter given them from the state fish and game department, hunters can then redeem this landowner voucher/tag at the state fish and game department and purchase the tag/permit for the species specific to that landowner voucher. We facilitate the sale of Landowner Mule Deer, Whitetail, Elk, Antelope and Bull Moose landowner vouchers/tags.

Landowner Vouchers or tags enable you to hunt a specific species in the relevant hunting unit(s) for which the voucher/tag was issued. In fact, you can hunt some of the best big-game hunting units in the western United States without entering a lottery draw process. The process for obtaining landowner vouchers/tags is handled differently in each state, but, on our site, you’ll find:

  • Whitetail Deer Vouchers
  • Mule Deer Vouchers
  • Elk Vouchers
  • Antelope Vouchers
  • Moose Vouchers
  • … and many more

Obtain Your Hunting License/Permit This Season

If your passion lies in hunting western big game, and/or you’ve ever dreamed of killing a B&C class animal, hunters can guarantee themselves the opportunity of hunting some of the west’s best limited entry units for mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, antelope and moose by bypassing most western states lottery draw systems and purchasing a landowner Voucher/tag. Hunters must remember it is necessary to follow all the rules and regulations of the state for which you are purchasing a landowner voucher/tag. Each state has different landowner voucher/tags. How these landowner vouchers/tags are handled varies. Here’s how some states approach it, please make sure to read all rules and regulations regarding each states landowner vouchers/tags.


In Utah, there are different types of transferable landowner vouchers/tags. These include landowner elk vouchers, landowner mule deer vouchers and landowner antelope vouchers for some of Utah’s best limited entry big game units, these Landowner vouchers/tags are good unit wide for all public land in that specific unit and the specific private property that is attached to the landowner voucher/tag. Utah also has landowner vouchers/tags for Mule deer, elk, Antelope and Bull Moose for hunting on Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMU). These landowner vouchers/tags can only be used on specific private land (Ranches) for which they are issued. Resident and Non Resident hunters can purchase any of these landowner vouchers/tags in the state of Utah without changes to hunters preference or bonus points applicable to the state lottery draw.


In Nevada, you can obtain a unit-wide landowner voucher/depredation voucher. It allows you to hunt the entire big game unit(s) for which the landowner voucher/tag applies. A landowner deer or antelope voucher/tag allows a hunter to hunt in all seasons specific to that unit(s) and species, while landowner elk vouchers/tags only allow you to pick a specific season, such as archery, muzzleloader or Rifle seasons. Hunters can also purchase as many landowner vouchers/tags for different species, so you could possess multiple Landowner deer, antelope, and elk vouchers/tags at the same time during the fall hunting season. Landowner vouchers/tags do not affect hunter’s bonus points for deer, elk or antelope in the lottery draw. Resident and Non Resident hunters can purchase these landowner vouchers/tags.


Unit-wide landowner vouchers, allowing hunters to hunt entire units, are available for most species. Private land only vouchers/tags are also offered. These landowner vouchers/tags allow hunting on specific private deeded land for which they were issued. Hunters can also hunt other private land in the unit(s) for which the landowner voucher was issued so long as the hunter has been issued permission in writing from the landowner. These landowner vouchers/tags allow hunters to hunt some of the best limited entry units for deer, elk and antelope that Colorado has to offer and do not effect hunter’s preference points for the state lottery draw. Resident and Nonresident hunters can purchase these landowner vouchers.

New Mexico

Unit wide Landowner Vouchers/tags allowing hunter’s access to entire units are available. New Mexico also has Ranch-only tags/vouchers. If a landowner voucher/tag was issued for a specific species and a specified private deeded acreage (Ranch), a tag-holder can hunt deer, elk, and antelope on that specific ranch for the species the voucher was issued for. Resident and Nonresident hunters can purchase these landowner vouchers.

Find Available Landowner Vouchers Below

Our latest landowner voucher/tag options are listed on this page; just click on each title to learn more about its value and availability. Landowner mule deer vouchers/tags, landowner elk vouchers/tags and more can be found. For more details, please contact us by phone at 801-499-4986 or text for more details.


For more details about these landowner vouchers, please call or text Ben at 801-499-4986.

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